Monday, July 18, 2005

what your witch does on a dig

as you can see my hands are getting a little bronzed, a sure sign that i'm working hard. maybe i should take this opportunity and describe my working day.

we get up at 5am (*deep sigh of relief from k.*) brush teeth, drink a calming bevarage (i.e. coffee, tea, shoko) accompanied by animal cookies.
5:30, bus arrives, in go jerry cans, assorted equipment, assorted yet disoriented diggers, and jeff (the only cheerful person at this point in the day, he's mormon).
start working at 6am, after long climb and a fantastic superspeed sunrise. break the fast at 9am.
k. usually stays on the tell to enjoy a rare moment of quiet and coffee brewed on tiny portable gas stove courtesy of eitan. sharing of dried fruit and cereal bars all around.
happy digging till 1pm.
lunch at 1:30. pottery reading after lunch. shower after pottery reading. variety of afternoon activities of choice (and neccesity).
lights out usually ca. 10, 11pm. if behind with paper work, later.

and so it continues...
very non-exotic, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

If you have time to tan your hands, I think it must be pretty exotic. Besides you get to sleep in until 5. Sounds pretty posh to me. ;)