Tuesday, July 12, 2005

bad news

there's been a bomb today in natanya, which is a coastal city midway between tel aviv and haifa. 2 dead, aprox. 30 wounded. welcome to israel.
anyway, it's been only 2 days of digging but it feels more like a week. i'm still very jetlagged and not much fun to be around. i really don't know if i manage to write a proper post till the weekend but i'll try.
hope everone is doing well at home. it would be nice to get an email/comment or two. hint, hint. m. p., thanks for thinking of me sweetie.
leila tov,


Jeremy said...

Hey Kasia, I just noticed that MePo added your blog to our Fav list. I hope u are having a good time over there. Nothing really new here. Two bi-planes collided in Moose Jaw this weekend, killing both pilots. They were both from the US. Anyway, I have a blog here too as of 5 mins ago, just did my first post. http://wormsperm.blogspot.com/

Take care!!!

traveler said...

hi homie, speaking of americans...one of my roomates is one. she's a nice woman but some of the things she says...seriously. i just sigh and keep my mouth shut. it's not worth it.