Thursday, July 14, 2005

first thursday at safi

quick recount of today's events, backwards if you will. the traditional thursday bbq takes place tonight, before that a lecture by larry steger (carrie will know who he is). before that pottery reading. before that the working day. my square finally finished the cleanup and we'll get our two stone walls redrawn and photographed. also in north western corner there's a intact base of a jug(?) imbeded in the floor. hopefully the rest of it is still there too. the first find (from tuesday) was a whole bowl from iron iib with carinated rim. look it up. i promised my boys a large quantities of beverage of choice if they find me an ashtarte/ishtar figurine. they found one over in area e, east of our area a. damn them. it's fabulous, with distinct face and hairdo and arms hanging losely down her sides !
i have no idea when and if i'll have any picks;-((
that's all for now. maybe i'll write later.
ps. photo above is an example of tell safi fauna sitting on one of the sandbags that the crew fills with their sweat in addition to dirt.

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