Wednesday, August 31, 2005

witch in the hood

just flew back, my bum is still sore from the broom. i need to start thinking about a new model, they have aero-gel padded attachable seats.
belly, if you have any tips on how to speedily adjust back into home reality, k. would be most greatful.
i think my brain's been damaged by the polish. it takes me 5 min. to come up with a normal sentence...
brain damage, sore bum...don't tell me traveling doesn't carry its risks.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

the tempest

what can i say.

both wills are geniuses. when it comes to gut-renching theatrical (or life, for that matter) experiences neither has yet failed me.

though my words do.

so there.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

no cartoon for you

i was trying to come up with a cartoon for you, but, for some mysterious reason (which could be laziness or cartoonist's block) i cannot draw on any other computer but my own laptop. and he is already packed.
tomorrow -- stratford!
how are you my dears?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

pick of the day

i like this.


he can also ridicule himself...

"would you like to read my mind?"

in case someone feels like picking my brains...this is a man i really like. simply speaking, he's my artistic idol. his name -- roland topor (french with jewish/polish roots, dead). artiste, writer, satirist, dark, dark, dark humour, filthy mind, larger than life personality, unique face!
if i were a real artist i would probably spent my life trying to imitate him. as it is, i just use him as an argument for having my own weird and dirty ideas...*k. cackles maniacaly, with a leery twinge*

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

looks familiar?

this is what you can see while traveling by train in western scotland!!! and i thought warner bros. used comp. generated stuff;-)))

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

shallow waters of vintage buzz

kensington market in 1924 when it had a jewish heart
and today when it claims to have a trendy one. hmm...

waltzed around kensigton market today, n. needed accesories for her outfit (she's going to a wedding). apparently 80s rule even here. when did k.m. become a watering hole for 13 yr old paris h. wannabies??? i must have missed some major revolution while living in the central provinces.
luckily, the shop with vintage jewelery is still there and kicking. i go there mainly to admire 20s and 30s brooches (or even victoriana on a good day;-) also saw a beatiful 1911 frock (they actually kept it in a special glass case;-)
i really should stop pretending i'm an aspiring academic, if clothes are what excites me...
it seems that k. is as shallow as she looks.

Monday, August 22, 2005

from today's globe & mail:

Sign on the music store window: ''Gone for lunch. Bach by 1:00. Offenbach sooner.''

sherds rule

as a fix for k.'s addiction (and admitt it, you love this stuff too) here's a look at one of this season's most important finds (according to a.m.).
this, as you can see, is an ostracon. seems to be 2 indo-european names, proto-canaanite alphabet but indo-european language used by the philistines at the time.
cool, ha?

coraz wiecej filipow

tim burton (the melancholy death of oyster boy and other stories) i topor. k. to uwielbia;-)
a dla rownowagi "the fabric of the cosmos" brian'a greene'a (juz to czyta k. of ponad roku ale teraz wreszcie ma wlasna kopie).
poza tym k. cierpi na odwyk od slonca izraelskiego;-( ontario pelne deszczowcow.

czy ja ci mowilam, ze kamila ma dziecko #2, syna o imieniu filip. hi,hi. i co ty na to.
poza tym powoli szykuje sie na powrot na wlasne smiecie.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


o.k. so i'm more comprehesible today. arrived last night in t.o., 2hrs late, too exausted for words. not so happy as you can imagine. what am i doing here?
need a drink or a sandwich or something. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
i'll be o.k. by the time i get to saskatoon. i promise.

Monday, August 15, 2005

and finally...

sat., sunday and monday also on the beach...*drool, drool*
how the hell am i suppose to leave this place, can someone tell me that?!!!
tonight, last outing with s. and o. for drinks.

Friday, August 12, 2005

the last few days


tel aviv again. on tuesdays and fridays there is an artist bazaar in the little textile shopps area. then had coffee with my aunt a.


jerusalem. took the newly re-established train. first step -- bible lands museum. then to the israel museum to browse the bookstore. met alex for dinner, in a wonderful french restaurant downtown, amazing fish and whie wine. then to reut's , then 'aromah' for coffee and chat.


r. had to work so i decided to hang out at the israeli museum again. they had this exhibit called 'beauty and the book'. well...real autumn leaves in plexiglass sheets attached to a wall to form 'pages'. each 'embroidered' with needles to create images out of the tiny holes. a clay head of an old woman sleeping with a book stuck in her head.
dreaming books everywhere, exchanging secrets.
'idiom' -- a tower/well of books going forever inside and out, a feat achieved with help of mirrors and lights (for depth and eternity).
'rectified' books, collageand ink books, sculpture books, books of dreams, books for dreamers, dreams of books.
book of the dead.
books about books about books.
and children running everywhere. french grandmother with a toddler softly calling "bravo, bravo, mon cheri" when he solved a puzzle in the kiddie corner.
photo of a portrait by raphael in an album book.
i even saw a book that was knitted!
a lot of reall cool, funky grandmothers with grandauthers. even some grandfathers with grandkids.
a copy of john baxter's 'a pound of paper. confessions of a book addict'.

then, to the 'beginnings' exhibition. a scarab with a human face. cypriot vessels that looked african to me.
taking pictures of weird ass sculptures in the art garden.


on the beach! they sell both icecream and hot buns (beigele) on the beach here.
the sea was so warm! like a milk bath. love swimming in the dark. very nice waves today.

an now a bit of poetry from the book exhibit, to make your experience here more authentic...

"outside a dog, a book is a man's best friend. inside a dog, it's too dark to read"
(groucho marx)
"The nation shatterd
hills and streams remain.
A city in Spring,
grass and trees deep;
feeling the times
flowers draw tears;..."
(tu fu, 713-770 a.d.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

farewell to harry

here's to harry, the piglet-piglet, harry, the sweet stinker, harrison the great!!!
k. raises her glass of 'lefft blonde' beer to you. and many others after that...
we'll miss you.

Monday, August 08, 2005

monday varia

kerem berem loves my shoes...
tel aviv with my friend r. today. shenkin, allenby, king george, gefen dresses, the textile streets, bauhaus and other interwar architecture. r.'s neighbourhood bar -- campari (k.) and arak (r.). more wandering, chaim bialik's house, the music library, street cats.
dinner in pasha -- turkish restaurant. huge icecream in bravissimo, eaten in front of tel aviv's cinemateque. got high on all the food, i think. very wired tonight, keep giggling.

i think that what makes me happy when i'm here is the fact that i don't have to make any decisions, don't have to think about later. i just live in the very minute of NOW.
oh, the relief of it.
ps. meagh. of course you win. don't know what as yet...i'll think of smth, don't u worry (k. misses u 2;-)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

more of today

all these picks are from the outdoor excibition organized for mr. president's viewing pleasure...
this is what my last-day-bowl looks like after a bath. it's hand burnised outside and in and entirely faboulous.
8 seasons of figurines
this summer's goddess

mishkolot nool, or loomweights
the hungry, hungry hippo, the safi logo...(prize for first person who tells me what this really is)

chalice, painted after fireing
lamps, obviously
various seals

the suits have arrived...

so, the president of israel, moshe katzav visited safi today. here are some picks from this momentous occasion. not that k. was especially impressed (actually not at all). but if that means the project will get some $$$ i will act impressed till i'm dead. you know me, i'm always ready to do some more whoring. archaeological or otherwise;-)
white shirt, black tie -- president, indiana jones hat -- aren m. (the maroon hats are for bar ilan's 50th anniversary)

Friday, August 05, 2005

some of k.'s finds...

imediate view from my squares, looking north-east...
the iron iia bowl found on the last day...

elmo nurses my mini juglet on the bus back to the kibbutz...
so, that's all for now, i just find myself so hecticly engaged all the time, you'll have to forgive me, but images and text will appear in random outpours.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

kaos, chaos, and craziness of the end...

it's the last stretch so i won't be posting till the end of the week. sorry.
patience is a virtue, remember?