Sunday, July 24, 2005

2 weeks in and still only scratching the surface...

this is the general view of locus 81106 with our unique base in situ... plus some closeups. the quality is horrid but it was done quickly at the end of the day before we took it out. btw, later we found the rest of it. it's really lovely, definetly phoenician style though seems to be of local workmanship. but you won't see proper pictures till i come back. i don't have time to develope my films here...i'll just tell you it's white slip with horizontal black stripes at base, neck, and rim and has a handle and a wide open mouth. also, interesting burn on one side, as it comes from a destruction layer fill.

k. spent the weekend in tel aviv with family, eating, drinking, sleeping to her heart's content. on friday we visited with a friend in herzliya. he has an apartment in an old hotel with an incredible view of the sea. when it got dark the sea was very dark silver and completely still. that, combined with some out-of-this-world red wine made k. want to dance. but she didn't.

came back to the kibbutz today, did some pottery reading with a.

can't believe the dig is half over.



Jeremy said...

Hey K, that is so cool!!! I am so jealous!!! U mentioned u are halfway? Has time gone by that fast already? Well, I love your blog, keep it up sexy!:)

Anonymous said...

I am jealous too!! That base is sooo lovely. I can't wait to see it cleaned off. Here I am stuck in S'toon coveting your ceramics, I'm sure you can picture it.

traveler said...

i must say, i've never thought you'd ever be jealous over anything that had to do with me;-)