Tuesday, July 05, 2005

link bummer

o.k. this is the last post today, i promise! but i've been trying to set up a link to the most popular (and my favourite despite its cheese factor) israeli radio all day long. you can see the link on the right but it doesn't work for some reason. ????????. they play a mix of israeli and english music with some news and traffic info. the talking bits are especially educational. k. used to practice/learn hebrew via galgalatz air waves. maybe it was the persistent image of some young, sexy army host that initiated that studious attitude. who knows... it's a mystery.

anyway, if you still want to check it out go to www.walla.dk/main.htm and you'll see various columns. go to "radio" and then to "galgalatz".

btw, 'galgal' means 'wheel'. or 'wave'.

erev tov, this time for real.


mag said...

Yay to blog! Yay to hot isreali boys...yumm!

Just wanted to assure you that we'll all reading and happy to read your words!

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traveler said...
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