Friday, July 29, 2005

third week ends

i'm in ramat gan again for the weekend. eating apples, listening to anni difranco ('educated guess' album).
s., o., and kerem berem are out visiting with a friend who is leaving.
so i have the apartm. to myself.
kerem did not leave without applying makeup. she discovered my mocha-strawberry lipgloss and compact powder while rumaging through my indian purse. at this was the historic moment when her mother's and her auntie k.'s feminist dreams crambled faster than a vagina cookie. she sits there pouting her little rosy lips, patting them with one finger, then opens the compact lightly touching her miniscule nose with the puff and admiring herself in the mirror.
why do i have this nagging feeling deep in my unabashed soul that all this is somehow my fault?

anyway, what a week this has been. arch. modified murphy's law did not fail yet again. we finally got to the good stuff in sq. 88A yesterday. complete vessels. and...other items which i'd rather not discuss in cyberspace. let's just say that patricia smith came to take a look. very charming, older lady, btw.

sorry my dears but i'm getting really tired. must take a break. will write more later.



Anonymous said...

You can't get mad at her for wanting to be like her Auntie K. After all, you are the one with the makeup (and the fact that you know the name of your products and their colours is scary) demonstrating how much you care about your appearance.

Anonymous said...

feminsts come in all shapes and sizes and layers of make-up right? So no biggy, just make sure she loves herself for who she is...female!

Yay women!

traveler said...

did i tell you kerem has just learned a new word the other day? she asks her mother "what's this?"
the answer "vagina".
s. is so cool;-)))