Monday, July 11, 2005

so the dig begins

o.k. this is going to be really short today. arrived safely, was picked up by s. and k., they took me to ramat gan for a quick rest and breakfast at their home, where k. showed me all her picture books and her room;-)))))))) this child is adorable beyond belief. then s. drove me to the kibbutz where everyone was already unpacking and getting organized.
now that i think of it there is a number of things i could talk about here but we only have one comp. connected at the moment so i have to be considerate.
anyway, i have 2 squares, 2 boy students/volunteers. it rained this morning on the tell. yes, that's right. it rained in israel in july. freaky. i lost my trowel. it better be with the communal trowels in the shed or i'm fucked. fuckity fuck.
ok. gotta go.

ps. in case of emergency (like what, kasia?) (or if you like spending money frivolously) here is the number for my mobile: 10-15-945-011-972-52-598-4436

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're well dear, thinking of you, MP.xo