Tuesday, July 05, 2005

evening edition

This particular post is dedicated to Nis/Nes as she was the first person to give yours truly FEEDBACK.

so, today's my parents' 30th anniversary. that's right ppl, the dear old folks are still in their domestic union, as our fav. mr. klein likes to call it. anyway, after father washed off this morning's grime of house renovations, we went for the celebratory lunch to a tearoom located in old mississauga. hmmmmm. great food again. which was followed with a short stroll through centreville (C. family), photographing of architecture, family, and old tombstones (kasia c.), nap, each in hers/his own comfy spot (all the Cs again).

alas, their anniversary gift will be presented to them late (difficulties with finding the perfect frame). as mother, however, got her bday present early the average comes out as allright.

enjoy your jane austen n. and m.! i've finished pullman #3 (sally lockhart series). i was right. it is the best so far. now i'm plowing through a pile of polish lit. assembled by la familia.

how the hell am i supposed to get any work done, i ask you?!

well, it doesn't help that everyone is in a competition to make kasia put on 20 pds. the more numerous the meals the sleepier she gets.


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