Monday, July 25, 2005

new beginnings

so the second half of the dig begins. i'm wealthier in three fresh students. two american girls and and one german boy. 2 boys, 2 girls in total. i'm such a proud mom;-P i've opened two more squares. the fun has only just began.

after going through destruction fill in L81106, square 88A, we are now clearly in proper destruction layer of 9th cent. as indicated, e.g., by the most distinctive and black ash deposits that have started coming up most profusely. i really want to excavate those myself so must strategize and cast my net carefully, *insert demonic laughter*...

a bit of safi folklore...we put tennis balls on tops of grid point stakes to prevent injuries. and the dogs keep trying to take them off. we have four dogs on the dig, did i tell you? 2 white labs and 2 big israeli dogs, one white, one black. all the white ones are girls, black one is a boy. their names: nonah (in the pick), marooh, nikita, and leon. all cuties and big sucks. i've just taken a photo of marooh sleeping in our hall, taking advantage of the cold stone floor on a hot afternoon;-)))

must go do some work in the lab.


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