Tuesday, June 06, 2006


hey kids.
no go for the video clip, i'm afraid. it's a huge file and blogger can't handle it. bugger them.
but here's an interesting timbit i found while grocery shopping the other day...it is a little juvenile, but too funny to resist.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm nothing like COCK soup on a cold day to warm the heart!!! And it's spicy too!! Would you have cheese and crackers with that COCK soup, or just a sandwich?

-bling bling-

kas said...

o.k. no cheese talk. that's just plain GROSS! i like my soup on its own, thank you very much. what about everyone else?

Jeremy said...

No cheese talk? OK. But I could say SOOO many disgusting things like "When I ate it I found a hair..." or "I like to put it in my mouth and let it sit on my tongue". Cheese jokes would have been much better!

carrie said...

I can one up all of you, including the soup. Check out my blog.