Monday, June 05, 2006

cara's birthday: the bowling extravaganza

yesterday and today we've been celebrating cara's birthday. last night there was the bowling extravaganza. as k. lost her bowling virginity she was a bit freaked out at first, but then she got a whole lot better. she even forgot about the rental shoes she was wearing! and after all, as you know, practice makes perfect;-)
the birthday princess cara scored like crazy for her team 'red' (yes, her team, dave and leanne had matching shirts on). we had three teams in total but i have no idea who won cause i dont' really care, to be honest with you.
here are some pics. k. also recorded a short video sequence but has to still figure out how to make it smaller so she can actually post it here. please be patient with her. thanks.

stay tuned for possible part 2



carrie said...

After looking at the pictures on your flicker I discovered something. The picture of all of your feet. My bowling shoes that I bought legally were origanlly stollen from THAT bowling alley. Weird eh?

kas said...

i know. must be some kind of shoe karma