Thursday, June 22, 2006

botched escape from 236

the bowling tart tried to break out and get away with the little chicks basket!!!
k. caught up with her at the mexican border...some old story about returning them to the wild. whatever.
we all know they were destined for a life of illegal labour, slave wages, no health insurance and the mexican government hunting them day and night.


Jeremy said...

What is up with her arm (backround)? Did her mother take thalidomide?

Anonymous said...

Wait, do slaves get wages?

kas said...

what's thalidomite?

Jeremy said...

Thalidomide is a chemical that women were given starting in 1957 to combat morning sickness when pregnant. If taken during the first trimester babies would be deformed, called "thalidomide babies", "flipper babies", or "stumps".

kas said...