Monday, November 27, 2006

begin the countdown

it's not that i'm actually excited about the holiday itself, but the family have already started theirs. so, me too:-D
my mother told me she's already bought me a gift but after careful consideration returned it because it wasn't "quite perfect". so now i'm not getting anything;-D
ah, mothers.
sometimes i wonder how much like her i'll end up being.



Jeremy said...

I got roped into x-mas shopping this weekend. Meg's just hit me upside the head with it. Oh well, time to break out the rum!

Anonymous said...

good thinking! i'll break out the bailays:-D

Anonymous said...

I have been shopping for weeks. In fact, I am almost done my shopping. I have really been in the spirit early this year. I think it might be my attempt to make up for the fact that there is no snow here yet and I want it to be more x-masy, at least the malls play Christmas music.

Anonymous said...

boy, are you gonna be happy! in terms of snow that is. i went to broadway for groceries this afternoon and came home all rosy cheeked and sparkly from the snow. very romantic;-)
i'm longing to go tobbaganing or skating with friends...
no tobbagan, no skates though.
ps. no shopping for me this year!hahah! my family is getting me as a gift.