Monday, July 10, 2006

in other news

my beloved safi has commenced...for pics go to 'julia's view' and 'rotem's world' links on the right.
they're finally installed in new quarters this year. so posh it's blinding! love the room decor;-)

i miss the dig horribly, but i've sort of came to terms with the fact that getting your academic life and finances on track is also important.

in other news, it's my beautiful mother's birthday today!
happy bday, darling!
she's 26. (these are my orders and i know better than to say otherwise)
here she is entering the tour de france years ago.


carrie said...

Happy Birthday Kasia's mom!! I would like to pass on my best wishes.

kas said...

thanks, sweetie! she says thanks;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear kas,
It sucks you can't be where you would like to be right now. At least feel warm and fuzzy in the fact that you will be there in the future, and what you're currently doing is helping you get there :)
Love M.

kas said...

thanks hon! i'll do that;-)