Saturday, July 22, 2006

about the town

it is increasingly harder to stay put in my little hole of an apartment, even despite the heat outside, these days. maybe my brain just needs a change of environment. sometimes a non-academic outside stimulation can be useful. what a breakthrough!;-P
no, but the serious absence of *good* coffee has become a serious drawback of the home office.
in times like these a girl needs to packup her piles of papers and writing utensils and head out.
i usually alternate between those few places in this city that have umbrella-ed outside tables.
today -- broadway roastery. after 20 mins outdoors i capitulated and retreated indoors. more due to the traffic noise than the firery weather conditions.
anyway, the backroom is not bad and there's an intriguing round, wooden staircase leading to unidentifable compartments (it's locked with a wee iron gate).
i don't know about you but i do love the mystery of out-of-bounds staircases. must remember to bring nik next time.
also, no aircon but ceiling fans. heaven.
there was a francophone family close by (quite charming incidentally, what is it about kids talking in another language?). my brain responded by reading numbers i was pouring over, in hebrew. hmmm.


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