Friday, July 14, 2006

another birthday girl!

happy flying;-DDD

carrie doesn't like looking at pictures of herself so instead i've included a really old cartoon (from 3 yrs back). she told me she's planning to be very busy on her birthday, though without specifying exactly what it is that's supposed to keep her so...
maybe she'll be running around the house looking for presents from a certain boy,
or maybe playing with baby goats,
or stuffing herself with a gluto-lacto-suprise cake,
or making prank calls...
who knows.
one thing is certain, she will be wearing her cape.



carrie said...

Thanks a bunch! Now I'm off to save everyone from their problems.

kas said...

well, you don't really have to do that on your actual bday...just the other 364 days of the year. that's what happens when you let ppl know you're good at smth...