Saturday, April 22, 2006

youth, you say?

crazy day. moved more stuff from carrie's. cleaned appartment. spring-cleaned the front *and* back yard. raked, weeded, ripped out meters and meters of dry or rotting stuff. clipped branches. cleared winter garbage.
tomorrow i will be rolled around on a special board a la hannibal lecter...muscles are already in shock...
i'm bloody old!
princesses can't be old!

k., princess of peppermint

ps. i took this pic with my webcam. pas mal, n'est pa?


Jeremy said...

I don't know when were back bud. I'm jealous of you webcam. Just remember to shut it off when you are changing your cloths or you may end up on

Anonymous said...

"pas mal, n'est pa?" means "not badly, is not Pa?":)

traveler said...


traveler said...

also, "not bad"