Tuesday, April 11, 2006


if you've been wondering where i've been for the last several days....i've been very cunningly plotting to take over the world *k. cacles with evil glee* and let me tell you, i'm waaaaay better than pinky and the brain.
but now i've surfaced again and, as d. puts it, i am gracing the department with my presence.
i'm also much cheered by the full development in the spring situation! finally i can go fly a kite on the university bridge! and other such delights...
i also hurry to report that d. had broke out her hooker boots for the first time this season. she says that's cause all her casual outfits are in the laundry. but we won't be fooled. oh no!
in other news, cara, the temp is making another apperance here any day now. stay tuned.


current mood: tired
playing: andrea menard "the velvet devil"


Anonymous said...

I take offense to the term "hooker boots." I think that they more resemble something from an S&M ensemble. And they make loud noise when I walk!!


kas said...

oops! sorry, hon! i meant "dominatrix boots" of course. and yes, we all love the noise, i mean sound they make. so musical!

Jeremy said...

Ziplocs for her meat shoes...