Wednesday, November 09, 2005

@home & in reuters

the other two left me to my own devices till monday...they're off partying in alberta.

had a quiet, furiously working kind of day, both meaghan and i prefer the lab in the afternoon, i think. fewer distractions, by far.
for some reason u. of calgary decided to send me all of the volumes of "swedish cyprus expedition" report but one. guess which one i need. guess.
it's like something from gogol.
also, found more discrepancies in people's references. ha, ha...not so hot now, are we, ms. gonen?

it's getting a bit frosty on my fabulous new bike (on loan from marie) these days, esp. in the morning. but, no more sore bum!

o.k. here's reason 698 why k. is a huge geek: the most exciting thing about next week's flight to philly is the fact that she'll have guilt free reading-for-pleasure time in the airport and on the plane!!! and it's going to be something shamelessly silly too;-)

do you remember the incised ostracon i mentioned in my sas talk? here's something prof. maeir sent me today: (click on it, then scroll down to 'life!' section and then look for icon with title about david and goliath, set volume on high, it's quiet)

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