Saturday, November 05, 2005

halloween press release part 2

'maori', the fierce warrior pumpkin kicks off the party!

the bennett sisters and their bosoms, (left to right): jane, mary, lydia, elizabeth

lizzy's hair as a masterpiece (by denise g.)

er...looks like mary could teach her sisters a move, or two...lizzy's reputation was damaged for good after this (mr. darcy's in for a surprise).

bling bling dave, showing all how it's done...

k. dealing a bit on a side...nothing like corrupting the undergrads.

that's all i remember...or will admitt to.
good times all around, no?


Jeremy said...

Cool. But why do u cut the heads off in your pictures?

traveler said...

everyone i know is in the witness protection program...

Anonymous said...

i would just like to say - whoa look at all that booby in the Bennet sisters! Way to display the wealth sisters! I also love the usage of pj's. you guys are so creative, I should hire you for next halloween!
And K, i'm going to steal elements of your halloween costume some year and be a Rajasthani princess. Hey, can someone tell me big breasted sister to bring some vhs movies with her this weekend? Me and Jo need entertainment. Thanks!

traveler said...

michelle, i've just seen a movie "the warrior". have you seen it? it seems to be in north of india, into kashmir and maybe a bit of afganistan...mind u i haven't actually checked a map. anyway, very beautiful, and i love the way (kashmiri?) women dress.