Thursday, September 22, 2005

today, i'm...

photo by c.e. dunn

restless sort of day.
so i thought i'll post a pic of myself being restless in the restless country of i.
i miss it.
some of you think me obssesive, i know. but it really makes perfect sense. come with me next time i'm traveling there and you'll understand very quickly. i promise you.

damn, i've just remembered i have to come up with a sexy title for my sas talk.
any suggestions?



Anonymous said...

how about (whiny drone) "what I did on my summer vacation"? Just kidding, think of something fun and Excavating Ecstacy: Idyllic Israel... Mmmmmm. MP

Anonymous said...

How about "Israel Rocks and You SUCK"


Anonymous said...

Are u hooking???

Jeremy said...

"Hey baby, looking for some fun?"