Sunday, September 25, 2005

end of this weekend

today's mood: desperately witty. and that's what the sas talk's title will be like. don't have time nor desire to fuss over it anymore.

in answer to c.'s comment/question to the previous post: yes, i am. i've finally given up the hope my student loan will come through (all readers of this blog get 80% discount).

it's been a work weekend really, everyone seemed so removed, and far away. maybe, because they are.
missed h.'s party due to feeling shity all afternoon.
bloody ipod, is giving me crap and refuses to cooperate. i think i'm going to call it 'bugger'.

however, managed to go outside every couple of hours, to breathe and remind myself i'm alive and well. well. well. small word, does it mean anything? you tell me.

oh, i'm sooo witty. and so smart i should be in mensa.

now, aren't you all lucky to get to read about all this.

hope you have a good night.

ps. f. stopped posting since i've mentioned his blog here. what have i, he must be on holidays, right?

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Jeremy said...

Hey Kas, TKS for the regards, talk soon...