Tuesday, September 06, 2005

my life as a geek

"i'm an evil, evil woman, but i wanna do a man...some good"
it's a quote from blossom dearie. love that woman. got her 2 cds from d. today. though it wasn't my birthday this past sunday but his. what a guy.

today was also the first day of school. so, k. got dressed up all prettily and skipped to uni. in the morning sunshine. only to find out that the classes don't start till tomorrow. BUMMER!
luckily lots of other geeks where already there too. not too mention the profs.
thursday k. has her first human osteology class as well as her first gender class. yay!
i am a geek, la, la, la, la!

does anyone still read this??? hopefully not. filip, are you reading this?


Anonymous said...

I read this


Jeremy said...

I read it too Kas...Homer

Anonymous said...

i am reading it right now-nekkid! M