Wednesday, February 08, 2006

that's what you get for complaining that i don't post everyday

just listening to the shins here...and frou frou and iron and wine and others....thinking about zach braff...staring at the screen...what will become of me?
oh the suspence. can you handle it?


Jeremy said...

Kasia, your a sweetheart, but I have to tell you this. This post is not in english. The words look like english, but make no sense to me. :)

Jeremy said...

I get it now! I was having a "DUH" moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Kas, so you know that Zach Braff is with Mandi Moore which means he isn't actually smart enough to fantasize about. Oh, and Cara--what kind of animal is that?


meg said...

its a llama!!!

kas said...

what?! mandi?!!! how could he?! he told me wanted to go exclusive! asshole!

Anonymous said...

Stupid llamas!