Sunday, February 05, 2006

k.'s one claim to coolness

o.k. so i know most of you don't give a rat's bum but i so like to brag about my safi connection. these pics are from the new lab the team and the collection moved into about a year ago...the guy in a dark shirt with a kippah on his head is aren m., the director, the other guy is semour gitin, and the lady is trude dothan (if you don't know them don't worry, if you do...pretty groovy, eh?) yes, i know it is not *my* lab but i can't help myself, i'm so proud of it, *snif, snif, snif*...

this of course is joe on the right showing off his LB material

all the photos are from the new safi blog, maintained mostly by joe, with some input from aren


Anonymous said...

Hi Kasia,

Glad to see you are updated about the blog, but I'm not the one running it - its Nathan, Julia's significant other, Idea and upkeep.


Jeremy said...

Are you going to go see it sometime?