Saturday, January 21, 2006

new love

i'm in love with hayao miyazaki films. i've seen several in the last few weeks thanks to the tcm channel and they've now joined other dvds and books on my very long wish list;-) i always forget i'm watching an animation and just sit there with my mouth open!
the one on top is from 'porco rosso', a huge favourite, not in the least due to miyazaki's love of old planes (which i share). and i don't know of anyone else who could make a flying pig believable.
i've seen 'spirited away' and 'pricess minonoke' before i knew anything about studio ghibli and loved them but i think i like the 1980s films the best. if i could only get my hands on the storyboards...apparently they publish them in japan as comic books.
this one is from 'my neighbour totoro', which is more a children's movie. but extremely charming and not corny at all. and as always there are strong female characters and concern for the evironment. i think it's set in the 30s, judging by adults' hairstyles. and the little girls' father is an archaeologist!

miyazaki-san just turned 65 this month. hope he lives to a 130 and keeps making movies to his last breath!


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Jeremy said...

I love his work too!!!