Friday, January 20, 2006

make me happy

o.k. so you know how when you go to comment there are 3 options there: a) blogger b) other c) anonymous?
well, how about you start commenting as 'other'. that way you don't have to have a password and i get to know who's commenting here...
sounds like a good deal, hah?
i think so too.


Jeremy said...

Your eyes are pretty Kas!

Anonymous said...

Teah, but I don't have a webpage. I am confused. I am going to crawl under my metaphorical rock now.


kas said...

you don't need a webpage, just your name!

Anonymous said...

"you are so beautifull... to me..."
god i need some of that good girlie summer conversations over gin and tonic right about now and for the past few days.

the one and only