Monday, October 10, 2005

thanks for the giving

snuffles and k. got up early on this holiday morning (o.k. maybe not that early) and are cooking up a storm. snuff by galloping wildly all over the house (someone's chasing him. k. doesn't yet know who cause it's all very top secret), k. by immersing herself in her 1972 edition of "the art of jewish cooking" (jennie grossinger, toronto: bantam books) and then completely disregarding the recipe by adding 1/3 bag of quinoa instead of "1 tablespoon of fine barley" and 'earth balance' non-dairy, sans gluten margarine instead of "fat" (grossinger 1972: 124). did you know that nutmeg was used as a hallucinogen in ancient times? (porter 2005: personal communication) k. decided to be generous with it, i mean, is it a feast day or not?
but not to worry, the major thing about tzimmes is that it is very hard to mess it up. especially a simple one like the one you're be eating later tonight;-)
mom's salad is already in the fridge awaiting the final touches to be added at the last minute.
wine's on the counter in a protective paper bag, cute israeli dress on a hanger, to be pressed.
k. is so much better organized than the stiffs in the illustration above...
no flying turkey in her kitchen!

report on the day's developments to follow...

yours domesticaly,

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