Tuesday, August 23, 2005

shallow waters of vintage buzz

kensington market in 1924 when it had a jewish heart
and today when it claims to have a trendy one. hmm...

waltzed around kensigton market today, n. needed accesories for her outfit (she's going to a wedding). apparently 80s rule even here. when did k.m. become a watering hole for 13 yr old paris h. wannabies??? i must have missed some major revolution while living in the central provinces.
luckily, the shop with vintage jewelery is still there and kicking. i go there mainly to admire 20s and 30s brooches (or even victoriana on a good day;-) also saw a beatiful 1911 frock (they actually kept it in a special glass case;-)
i really should stop pretending i'm an aspiring academic, if clothes are what excites me...
it seems that k. is as shallow as she looks.


Anonymous said...

Don't be mean to yourself like that! That is what I am for ;)!!!!


traveler said...

i guess that means i miss u d.????