Sunday, August 07, 2005

more of today

all these picks are from the outdoor excibition organized for mr. president's viewing pleasure...
this is what my last-day-bowl looks like after a bath. it's hand burnised outside and in and entirely faboulous.
8 seasons of figurines
this summer's goddess

mishkolot nool, or loomweights
the hungry, hungry hippo, the safi logo...(prize for first person who tells me what this really is)

chalice, painted after fireing
lamps, obviously
various seals


mag said...

So cool, i'm in awe!

Anonymous said...

Yo K! Those are so beautiful and awesome! I think your hippo is really a lion? Love M.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I just now went to the website and it said it was a Rython with a lion face (because I went to the website does it mean I'm cheating?) K-what's a rython? What do I win? I miss you. Love M.

Anonymous said...

Hey do I win because I actually know what a rython is, plus I knew the answer without cheating I was just too late getting to it because I had to work all weekend. ;)