Thursday, February 15, 2007

more about vday

long day, but fun. work went swiftly, filled with pink and white icing, coffee, and, well, work.
then on to the galaxy in the afternoon to see "pan's labyrinth". extraordinary film. brutal (and i'm not necessarily talking about torture scenes) and gripping, beautiful. i mean, REALLY beautiful. i cried myself into gross snottiness, the only person of course.
and my heart is still pounding.



Anonymous said...

Jer and I really liked it too; me more-so mainly b.c. I loved when the evil Captain got what was coming to him.

Lisa said...

I agree! Best movie I've seen forever! I too cried like a baby, but I didn't let Wade see or I'd never hear the end of it... It's definitely on my birthday list!
-Lisa (again.)

Anonymous said...

yes, next time i'm seeing a movie with other people i'm bringing sunglasses.