Thursday, October 26, 2006

i hit the culture wall!

o.k., so i've finally watched the legendary film "hiroshima mon amour", directed by alain resnais, screenplay by marguerite duras (the movie "the lover" was based on her book), 1959.
i don't know if i've become so completely blo@$bus%^erized (eeemposeeebul!) or i'm just too young (whoohoo!) but i didn't get the legendary-iness. and i found myself fidgeting. or was the experience supposed to make me uncomfortable? i'm lost.
my favourite thing was the 2003 interview with the actress who potrayed the female lead, emmanuelle riva (wow. what elegance, what youth, what serenity).
anyone of you seen it? wanna explain it to me?
ps. yes, i do get the part about war, peace, love, memory etc.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. If it doesn't involve Bollywood, Jane Austen, Sly, George Lucas, or predictable love story I probably haven't seen it. Sorry I'm not smart enough for your cinema (but I enjoy being just smart enough for mine!!).

Isn't the point of some of those movies so you DON'T get "it"?


Anonymous said...

*SIGH* D., it's not "my cinema". and for the millionth time, i don't have any close friends that are not highly intelligent. stop saying you're not smart enought for smth. *more sighing*

Jeremy said...

Old movies are so fun.

Anonymous said...

WOW Thanks K. you said I'm smrt!

-bling bling-

Anonymous said...

bling bling, i said "close friends".
just kdd;-P
does that mean i'm a close friend to you? teeheee. you gotta be careful what you say/comment around me...