Saturday, September 23, 2006

k. in the wild

wow. shovel shaving is WEIRD. i'm becoming so fast with the spade i might just have to start double fisting, with the left and producing notes with the right;-P
also, learning about plains archaeology hands-on is something that should be experienced mandatory style by every new resident of this province.
like working 10 hr days. i sleep like an infant afterwards;-D
and, i can't believe i'm admitting to this, but i'm starting to understand the obsession with the square trowel...don't get to hasty with the triumphal looks yet though. my loyalty to my 7 yr old, triangular marshaltown remains firm. but i can see the allure of the other team.

all in all, a good week. but i had no idea human body also included muscles in do you stretch those?!


p.s. hot chocolate saves lives


Heather said...

Glad you made it back alive! Have you been converted to Prairie Arch? Did you find lots of goodies? Loved your pictures. Can't believe you saw a moose! You'll have to tell me more stories later,

Anonymous said...

heather, i will never cheat on ne arch! i mean, it was just work, it didn't mean anything, honest! i did not enjoy it for one second, i was practically forced into it;-P
but seriously, i like the speed and the non-neurotic atmosphere.
the moose was like less than 10m from us. he was georgous, all new and shiny chocolatey brown, with long eyelashes. heheh.

Jeremy said...

The square trowels are the best! Miss ya Kas!

Anonymous said...

Super cool! Wildlife is the best! Did you know that if provoked moose can be worse for you than an bear? I'm glad you had a good job Kasia!
Love Meg

Anonymous said...

P.S. Were you mitigating?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean, mitigating?
but the moose was o.k., and nobody even dreamed of provoking him! i think he was just curious. and we were close to our truck;-)
ps. miss you guys too.