Friday, May 19, 2006


it is, but it's good shit. it's the first one in the second series. perfect bedtime story.



Jeremy said...

Why is there an egg with arms drinking booze on the cover? It this book about people who like the whites of their eggs to not be runny but still like the yolk to be a bit squishy? You know, to achieve the perfect "over easy" eggs you should only flip them briefly. But be gently, you may break the yolk if you are rough like DM... He likes his eggs raw. He says that they give him power.

Anonymous said...

Raw eggs for breakfast-just like a tall skinny evil Rocky. OK not like Rocky at all really. Either way raw eggs are icky.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: for those of you who are overly sensitive on the subjects of one or more of the person or persons refered to in the previous post I apologize for my attempt at humour at the expense of said person or persons.
ps. but not for the raw eggs thing, those are still icky.

Jeremy said...

WHAT? this is a book of nursery rhymes with a criminal twist?

meagan said...

Don't make fun Fforde is a bloody genius!!!

kas said...

you tell him meagan;-)